Creosote Journal is an internet magazine interested in borders and margins of global culture, books, art and music. Started in California in 2010, we moved to Oaxaca, Mexico in 2012 and moved again in 2013, to Berlin, Germany. In 2014 we moved back to California. Our goal is for the website to be an atlas-in-progress of the world’s cultural, physical and creative spaces; both an open-ended travel journal and an exploration of the arts.

The project is currently in hibernation, but we plan to revive it when the time is right.

Our mission is to publish high-quality writing, photography, and other media, conversations with artists and luminaries, and coverage of arts and letters. From the Middle East to the Deep South, Latin America and the Mexico-US border, we’re interested in intersections of culture and place.

We’re more interested in America’s top ten dead malls than its top ten restaurants, but when it comes to politics we want to sidestep the news cycle and understand a topic on a deep and human level.

Most important, we want to give special consideration to the marginalized, regional, countercultural, and subcultural; to stories about people, places, and experiences that are off the beaten path.

We’re planning on launching a small, experimental press called Creosote Books, producing e-books, limited-edition print editions, chapbooks, and other cool things.

For the website, we hope to keep pushing into different media such as audio and video.

We’re always interested in hearing ideas and pitches from creative people. Feel free to contact us on social media as we update our contact and submissions pages.