San Francisco


Halfway Great: A Short History of the BART System

You want to know about the BART system? Here is it in five minutes.


Tenderloin Poet: William Taylor Jr. [VIDEO]

A poet draws inspiration from the mean streets of the Tenderloin neighborhood he’s lived in for nearly a decade. Creosote Minidoc #1


San Francisco Stories

The current SF Bay Guardian is devoted to a slice of literary life in San Francisco, and filled with small, intimate personal essays – a rare thing in any kind of newspaper.


Polk Gulch Graffiti

Big letters, the undead, skulls, and street signs: Polk Gulch graffiti.


Does Anybody Know What It Was About?

Three people were shot a block from my Tenderloin apartment earlier this week. My neighbor said it was about drugs.


From the Barbary Coast to the 21st Century

Larry Rothe, author of a new history of the San Francisco Symphony, talks about the City, the orchestra, music, and writing.


It Hurts to Let You Go: Levi Pata at Kokoro Studio

Levi Pata’s solo debut at Kokoro Studio in San Francisco displays worldly inspiration along with elemental flow.

Winter Lit Journals in San Francisco

The winter literary quarterlies are hitting bookshelves in San Francisco—Zyzzyva, 14 Hills, and McSweeney’s.


We Felt It: Litquake 2011

Like the 4.2 magnitude earthquake last week that jolted the Bay Area, Litquake 2011 came and went quickly this October, leaving us all with different impressions.


The Scanners Project

The Scanners Project is a temporary bookstore meets art installation, a showcase of the tactile pleasures of physicality of books.


San Francisco Debates… The Arts

To say this was a lively debate would be stretching it, but it was encouraging to see the candidates in agreement on the importance of the arts.


The Scribe of Burning Man

Steven T. Jones (aka Scribe) takes a deep look into Burning Man’s history and inner workings in his book, The Tribes of Burning Man.