Latin America

Voices From Venezuela

New book delivers ground-level perspectives on the Bolivarian Revolution—in candid, concise, and inspiring narratives.

Underground America: Voices of the Undocumented

From McSweeney’s Voice of Witness series, Underground America collects firsthand accounts from immigrants who have come in pursuit of a dream and found a complex, disturbing reality.


Belen, Peru

Belen is a barrio of Iquitos, Peru where the city spills out onto the surface of the Amazon River.


Mapping the Lost City: Daniel Alarcón

While writing Lost City Radio, Alarcón kept a map of Lima handy which he’d drawn over in marker, reinterpreting the city and renaming its districts.

Notes From Iquitos

Travel notes from Iquitos, Peru


Museum of the Inquisition, Lima

The most disturbing aspect of Peru’s Museum of the Inquisition is that the crimes of the Catholic Church during the Inquisition served as a prototype for State terror practiced on a much more massive scale in our own time.


Notes From Lima

Travel notes from Lima, Peru

Notes From Barranco

Travel notes from my stay in Barranco, a neighborhood in Lima, Peru

Peru, Trade and the Amazon: An open letter to Nancy Pelosi

A letter to Nancy Pelosi about some issues in Peru that came to my attention when I was in Cuzco (reading, in bed, with altitude sickness).

Notes From Cuzco

Travel notes from Cuzco, Peru