Los Angeles

The New Nerve Center

Orange County reacts to Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and its own history of trauma.


Outlaw Brass: Tuba Thieves and Trend Hype

The big bass horn now boasts L.A. street cred, and schools are keeping an eye on their band rooms.


The Occupation of Silver City

After two months of marked tolerance towards the Occupy Los Angeles camp, L.A. joined the trend of raids and evictions in major cities.

The Barbarian Nurseries

Héctor Tobar’s new novel takes a sprawling view of Los Angeles, from the gated communities to the back alleys and side streets where the marginalized and the forgotten create their own vibrant community.


The West Coast’s New Cultural Ambassador

Ice Cube has recently turned heads for appearing in a new role: as a cultural ambassador for the West Coast—his hometown of L.A., specifically.

Fante & Son

Dan Fante provides a refreshing and much-needed examination of his father, John Fante’s life, and the cloud of dirty glamor that surrounds it.


Saints in the City of Angels

Dealing in candles, incense, herbs, and effigies, the botánica exists in that blurred region where rigid definitions of religion and culture no longer reign—like Los Angeles itself.


Venice Freakshow Barker

On the Venice Beach strip, the Venice Beach Freakshow is one of the most eye-catching – and ear-catching – establishments competing for your attention.