Aurora King

Aurora King

Aurora King, Arts Editor of Creosote Journal, is a writer, photographer, and freelance arts and non-profit consultant currently living in Berlin. In her freer moments, she can be found exploring Berlin’s streets, train system, forests and museums by bike or foot and usually with her 2-year-old daughter in tow.

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POSTS BY Aurora King:
  • Death Valley

  • The first time I ever experienced Death Valley, it was the middle of summer, I’d just turned 21 and I was on a roadtrip across the West.

  • Marble Canyon

  • Marble Canyon’s bright formations, cavernous canyons and sub canyons compose only part of the over 17 million acres that spans three states and encompasses the Navajo Nation.

  • Art in Storefronts and Storefront Art

  • The second annual Art in Storefronts event merged with the unique textures and elements inherent to Mid Market: porn shops, neon signs, old businesses, grand buildings, active street corners and the artery of trains, taxis and buses.

  • The Rumpus: No Mistakes Left to Make

  • The Monthly Rumpus brings out a huge and loyal crowd. In May, the series included Cheryl Strayed, Lidia Yuknavitch, and Paul Madonna, and was hosted by Isaac Fitzgerald.

  • Transplanted Altar

  • Ancient marble figures at Berlin’s Pergamon Museum, where a giant altar transplanted from its original home in Turkey is now being called back.

  • The Year of the Metal Cat

  • A New Year’s celebration to ring in the Year of the Metal Cat in San Francisco’s Little Saigon neighborhood.

  • Mussels at Miwok Beach

  • Perhaps most amazing about the mussel gathering and preparation process is the act itself: so simple and essential.

  • Belen, Peru

  • Belen is a barrio of Iquitos, Peru where the city spills out onto the surface of the Amazon River.