Endbahnhof: Photographic Portraits of Berlin’s U-Bahn

A talk with Australian born Photographer Kate Seabrook about transit, typography, and the aesthetics of train stations.


Evidence: Ai Weiwei in Berlin

Ai WeiWei’s largest show to date is currently on display in Berlin.


Hecho en Oaxaca

The epic Hecho en Oaxaca exhibit brought work from twelve street artists from around the world to Oaxaca.


Alejandro Santiago’s 2501 Migrantes

Oaxacan artist Alejandro Santiago, known for his massive 2501 Migrants project, passed away in July. Here’s some of his work.


Family, Ritual, Dream States: New Oaxacan Photography

The work of two Oaxacan photographers explores creative memory and shamanic practice, at the Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo.


Not Yet Lost: Golden West and the Craft of Sign Painting

Golden West Signs in Berkeley keeps a vanishing craft alive.


Polk Gulch Graffiti

Big letters, the undead, skulls, and street signs: Polk Gulch graffiti.


It Hurts to Let You Go: Levi Pata at Kokoro Studio

Levi Pata’s solo debut at Kokoro Studio in San Francisco displays worldly inspiration along with elemental flow.


Dystopian Rainbows

Tyler Bewley paints landscapes mostly: colorful and whimsical dystopias depicting industrial excess, collapse, and reinvention.


Automatic Writing

Watz’s work, like other contemporary computer-generated art, can be both harshly geometric and strangely organic. This result comes from working with a language that’s similar, in some ways, to nature itself.