Arts and Letters


Echo of the Boom

If Echo of the Boom is representative of the hysterical-realist novel of today, the main quality that differentiates it from its forebears is its treatment of humor.

Fante & Son

Dan Fante provides a refreshing and much-needed examination of his father, John Fante’s life, and the cloud of dirty glamor that surrounds it.


Crime and Other Mysteries: Donna de la Perriere

A conversation with poet Donna de la Perriere, author of True Crime and Saint Erasure and curator of the Bay Area Poetry Marathon.

Avant Garde to Old Testament: Percival Everett

From straightforward explorations to experimental odysseys, Percival Everett captures the muddled idea of the current American experience.

A Conversation With Michael Krasny

The Creosote Journal’s Zach Vasquez talks with Michael Krasny, host of KQED’s morning talk show Forum, about his new book.


The common pigeon of today doesn’t, at present, need us to defend its survival. But it could, I argue, use a little more respect.