Cynthia C. Scott

Cynthia C. Scott has a B.A. in Creative Writing and English from San Francisco State University. She has written twelve completed stories, seven poems, and a novel called East Evansville. She's also had essays published on such sites as and, and will be published in an anthology for Bedford/St. Martin's Press.

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POSTS BY Cynthia C. Scott:
  • This is How You Lose Her

  • Junot Diaz’s latest collection of short stories,This is How You Lose Her, continues to mine the author’s experiences as a Dominican immigrant in New Jersey

  • Magic, Terror, and San Francisco

  • In “Season of the Witch,” founder David Talbot takes us through the turmoil, activism and passion of modern San Francisco’s violent birth in the 60s and 70s.

  • The Barbarian Nurseries

  • Héctor Tobar’s new novel takes a sprawling view of Los Angeles, from the gated communities to the back alleys and side streets where the marginalized and the forgotten create their own vibrant community.

  • A Memoir of Grief and Indelible Love

  • In Goldman’s hands, Aura becomes so indelible, so bristling with life, that when he writes of his life without her, our grief for his loss becomes as keening as his own.

  • Seeing Through the Dark

  • Our conversation with Manuel Muñoz, who, in his newest book, juxtaposes the hard-scrabble lives of the people of 1950’s Bakersfield with the glamor of Hollywood.

  • Chasing the Sun

  • In this monumental work chronicling the history of the Great Migration, Isabel Wilkerson’s greatest achievement is presenting three indelible individuals.

  • A Novel With Too Many Rooms: I Hotel

  • Karen Tei Yamashita’s novel I Hotel is an experimental epic that spans ten years in the social and political activism of the San Francisco Asian community.