Rachel Jones

Rachel Elizabeth Jones grew up in rural Vermont and moved to Southern California to study cultural anthropology at Pomona College. She currently works at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. Rachel writes freelance articles and essays, as well as short stories.

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POSTS BY Rachel Jones:
  • Kid-Thing

  • In the dark, fairy-tale like “Kid-Thing,” the filmmakers succeed in evoking the ambiguity and absurdity of childhood.

  • Bike Smut

  • Reverend Phil, Poppy Cox, and “Christopher” take bike subculture all the way.

  • The Occupation of Silver City

  • After two months of marked tolerance towards the Occupy Los Angeles camp, L.A. joined the trend of raids and evictions in major cities.

  • Fante & Son

  • Dan Fante provides a refreshing and much-needed examination of his father, John Fante’s life, and the cloud of dirty glamor that surrounds it.

  • Saints in the City of Angels

  • Dealing in candles, incense, herbs, and effigies, the botánica exists in that blurred region where rigid definitions of religion and culture no longer reign—like Los Angeles itself.