Zach Vasquez

Zach Vasquez

Zachary Vasquez is a Contributing Editor at The Creosote Journal. He lives in Los Angeles and has a BA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. His writings have appeared in literary journal Transfer, the street 'zine Ashcan, and All Access Magazine.

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POSTS BY Zach Vasquez:
  • Echo of the Boom

  • If Echo of the Boom is representative of the hysterical-realist novel of today, the main quality that differentiates it from its forebears is its treatment of humor.

  • The New Nerve Center

  • Orange County reacts to Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and its own history of trauma.

  • The Dangers of Proximal Alphabets

  • Kathleen Alcott’s debut is a lyrical, heartfelt novel about the way people try to hold onto things that are transient by nature.

  • Blood Connections

  • Though the characters that Woodrell has created are often strange, violent, even grotesque, they are always recognizably human.

  • Love and Shame and Love

  • Peter Orner’s new novel is an album of snapshots, capturing the dreams and disappointments of a middle-class Jewish family in Chicago.

  • Occupy SF On Record

  • Occupy San Francisco, in its own words: eight people in Justin Herman Plaza on why they’re there, and what the movement is about.

  • Lyrically Criminal

  • Ozarks author Daniel Woodrell writes soaring, lyrical crime fiction that recalls Faulkner as much as Chandler. Our conversation with the author of Winter’s Bone and the new story collection, The Outlaw Album.

  • The Scanners Project

  • The Scanners Project is a temporary bookstore meets art installation, a showcase of the tactile pleasures of physicality of books.

  • A Salon for Neglected Classics

  • A new monthly salon at Dog Eared Books, led by SF author Peter Orner, digs deep into the neglected books re-published in the NYRB Classics collection.

  • San Francisco Debates… The Arts

  • To say this was a lively debate would be stretching it, but it was encouraging to see the candidates in agreement on the importance of the arts.

  • I Would Talk With Anyone

  • Our conversation with Alix Lambert: journalist, television screenwriter, documentarian, playwright, and photographer.

  • Alix Lambert’s World of Crime

  • Art and its representation of crime are a big part of Alix Lambert’s innovative book of interviews with actors, directors, writers, convicts, cops, and gangsters.

  • The Donald We Don’t Know

  • If there was biting satire at the heart of Donald: A Novel, then maybe a dignified Donald Rumsfeld would be a character worth putting up with.

  • I Am Not Sidney Poitier

  • Percival Everett’s picaresque novel suggests that people only get a true sense of their character when they are thrown head-first into drama.

  • Paul Goodman Turns 100

  • The anarchist, queer, “Neolithic conservative” man of letters—Paul Goodman—would have turned 100 this year.